Office Hours Week of April 15

Tuesday 12:15 pm – 2:15

Remember: class on Thursday – Easter Break

Have a wonderful, blessed Easter: Christos anesti!


Office Hours Today (April 11)

Just discovered I’m going to be stuck at a meeting until 1:45 today, but then back in office until 2:30 class.

If you need to see me I can stay today, from 5:30 till… Or possibly come in on Friday. Let me know!

Midterm Deficiency Notices

Hey, it looks like I’m not able to submit deficiency notices because, given the date of the midterm test, I’m too late.

If you’re deficient–got a D or F–you probably know you are. For your exact grade at mid-term, if you’ve given me a code/pseudonymn, it’s posted. If you want to know exactly where you stand at midterm, with half the course grade in, just let me know and I’ll tell you where you’re at!

Truth–for extra credit

I realize that it wasn’t possible for many of you to get to the presentation on truth today, on which there will be a short extra credit quiz on Thursday. So here’s an option: this is the powerpoint I showed at the event: TruthPowerpoint

Have a look, and this should make it possible to answer the questions on the extra credit quiz. It’s a little sketchy, but if you want to discuss it further I have office hours before the quiz, 12:15 – 2:15 Thursday.