Phil 101: Introduction to Logic

The study of arguments, including an introduction to modern sentential logic. Topics include recognizing arguments, premises, conclusions, induction and deduction, fallacies, sentential inference forms, and proof strategies.

‘Learning Outcomes’

  • Learn to identify informal fallacies
  • Learn about rational decision-making and how to live wisely
  • Translate English sentences into the languages of propositional logic and predicate logic
  • Use truth tables to test for tautologousness, logical equivalence, consistency and validity
  • Use truth trees to test for consistency and validity
  • Learn proof strategies and techniques, including reductio, proving the contrapositive, proving biconditionals by ‘proving the conditional going both ways’, and mathematical induction.
  • Do natural deduction proofs in propositional logic to test arguments for validity and sentences for tautologousness
  • Learn about the semantics for propositional and predicate logic